Last week we put on our first networking evening. I’d organised a styled shoot in the day to promote wedding weekenders at one of our new outdoor wedding venues in West Sussex, the Polo Field. A lot of people had gone to a lot of effort to set everything up beautifully so I thought we should make the most of it. 

90 guests from the wedding world accepted and we were treated to a glorious sunny evening, if a little breezy. As guests arrived, they collected their welcome drink, either a G&T or Madras (my new favourite cocktail, 1 part vodka, 1 part cranberry juice and 3 parts fresh OJ). Kerry and her beautiful Vintage Bar Box was on hand to serve further drinks and Aaron and the boys from Gastro Catering were busy circulating with their pulled pork sliders.

Fiesta Fields Evening drinks_s_.jpg
Fiesta Fields Evening-7_s.jpg
Fiesta Fields Evening_s.jpg
Fiesta Fields Evening-2_s.jpg

We were still shooting, as the light was stunning. As people were introducing themselves and chatting we asked them to have their chats sat down in our ceremony set up. Claire Bradford did a little mock ceremony for our bride and groom Catriona of Kalm Kitchen and her real-life fiancé Angus. (Sorry, but I have to keep those pics under wraps for now).

Ceremony finished and Gastro got the wood-fired ovens going, offering a choice of; 'The Goat' - home dried tomatoes, creamy goats cheese and homemade pesto and pine nuts; 'Proscuitto' - fresh figs, rocket, and parmesan and 'Home Cured Chorizo' - fiery chorizo, punchy red onion, and chilli on a tomato and mozzarella base.

Fiesta Fields Evening pizzas_s.jpg
Fiesta Fields Evening-4_s.jpg
Fiesta Fields Evening-3_s.jpg

Meanwhile, Vicki from Redline Dj’s was busy providing a sunny, chilled background vibe and Karenza was adding the festival vibe with her amazing face painting.

Fiesta Fields Evening-5_s.jpg

We were spoilt for choice with two sweet treats, funky doughnuts from Gastro and oh so pretty mini cake delights from MonAnnie Cakes

Fiesta Fields Evening-9_s.jpg

It had been a busy day for Mike and Ash of Tents n Events and Andy of Tentario so they hopped in the hot tub to kick back with their favourite read, Margot's Wedding. The Wood fired Hot Tub was fresh out of it's packaging and was a fab addition to the evening, so thanks to Katrina and Steve from Wild Sky Bathing for bringing it along. Still gutted I didn't get in myself. 


As the light started to fade we were treated to a stunning sunset, the festoons came into their own and looked gorgeous on the already super pretty vintage pole tent provided by Tents n Events. A few guests ducked out of the breeze in the beautifully furnished 7m chill out tent from Beautiful Bells


I mustn't finish without saying thanks to Will of OEEH for providing the posh loos and Mike from Toddy Power, for supplying the generator. I had a fab evening and thank you to all those who came along.

A last, but by no means least, massive thank you to Lesley Burdett, ably assisted by Liz Seacombe for capturing the evening so beautifully.  Not wanting to tarnish their reputations, I should explain that the face painting and hot tub shots were taken by guests on the night and not Lesley or Liz. There was a larger team behind the shoot, but I will share more info on that in another post, once I can reveal the images. 

Behind The Scences. Lesley. Fiesta Fields-21.jpg

I received lots of lovely comments over email and social media the next day, so I'm really glad everyone enjoyed themselves, Let's do it all again next year :)

By Nikki